How many times people have visited the website! :)
This Website isnt even 3 weeks old so thats why it only has 19 views :P (lol)
This Doesnt count our views it only counts yours! 


Welcome to our website

Hey Guys! Welcome to our website. This website was made by the 2 mario kart wii hackers Villian35000vr and MARio. This Website was specifically made for custom tracks and other mario kart wii information. We really hope you like the site and have fun exploring it.


If you download anything from this site please keep in mind most of the tracks came from mario kart wii copyrights. Please give credit to the people who made the original tracks. We just modify the tracks and post them on this site. Also, we might upload some custom tracks that are not made by us, but just to share.

The point is give the credit to the people who made the tracks whoever it is.

We thank you for coming to the site and have fun.


From Villian35000vr and MARio. :)



The New Site

09/23/2011 08:09
We are happy about making the site. We hope you love it just as much as we do! Please be kind on forums, but otherwise HAVE FUN :D

Website launched

09/23/2011 01:54
YAY! webiste launched at this date. We will try to update it everyday on the changes we make.