mkwhax.txt (4,3 kB)   =  Villian's MKW Hacks

RMCE011.txt (93,9 kB) = Fishguys6564 hacks (matrix code removed)


old_mario_64.szs (1,5 MB)

N64 Mario Raceway

 ( Possibly my CT version but maybe the original, it depends on if you have edited this track on your computer)

Riivolution Tracks (CT's)



You will need szs modifier to open all the custom tracks. You can edit them and use them on mario kart but you need to download _131A588F5 etc. or you can dowload szs modifier from the original site. click here: you will need CTools for the 3D effect and Obviously szs modifier. :)!download|372tg2|139032618|Code_Manager.rar|229|R~0|0|0 you will also need code manager to use the codes on the website. feel free to download it!

mkwii original tracks

mkw original tracks...

^ click on this to get to the download area :)     we are working on them :)   n64 bowsers castle  n64 bowsers castle.rar (1,3 MB)   rainbow road   rainbow (1,9 MB)   pack 5