About Us

Villian35000vr Started hacking mario kart wii on Jul 31, 2011. He is already a popular mario kart hacker.

He has made a ton of custom tracks but hasn't published them.

MARio (fishguy6564) made his youtube channel on

Jun 2, 2011. He Also started hacking mario kart on that same day.
These 2 hackers did not find eachother until about the last month of the 2011 summer.


Our users

Our users must be kind on the forums. If not we will remove your comment as soon as possible and we will possibly ban you if it keeps happening again and again. We want this to be a friendly site so lets keep it that way! ;)

History of project

We created this site to mainly share custom tracks and talk about mario kart wii codes and other info. we honor our 2 creators: MARio (fishguy6564,--Creator)

and our Co -Creator (Villian35000vr)